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Baby Love was founded in 2003 and has over
6 000 clients, making Baby Love not only a very well established brand, but one of the oldest sleep training companies in South Africa.

Louis Vosloo (12 months)

Louis Vosloo (12 months)

Everything was going well until Louis started eating solid foods and suddenly it became a mission to get him to sleep. We tried everything and read many articles.

We eventually tried sleep training after reading a number of articles on how to do it, however it was dreadful and no matter what we tried it did not work. We found a temporary solution by giving Louis a bottle every time he woke up, and he woke countless times during the night. I was sleep deprived and my memory was starting to fade. I couldn't do simple calculations and I forgot how to drive! My husband had to step in over weekends in order for me to be ready for the weeks and this resulted in neither of us getting any real rest, not to mention any quality time with each other.

We heard about Baby Love but were very sceptical, however we were desperate. With the help and guidance of Vanessa our Baby Love Sleep Consultant, we successfully implemented the Baby Love program and Louis could fall asleep unaided and he was sleeping 12 hours at night. The Baby Love Sleep Consultants really care about your baby and focus on building a proper routine where sleep training is only one part of the routine.

Our quality of life has improved massively since the Baby Love program and I would definitely recommend Baby Love to any sleep deprived parent. Love Louise, Francois and Louis.

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